Mission Statement

Since its founding in 1947, the men and women of the Central Intelligence Agency have served America in peace and war around the world to confront those who would do harm to our country and to alert the President and our national leaders to dangers and opportunities abroad.

The first American to be killed in action responding to the September 11, 2001 attacks by terrorists on the United States was Johnny Micheal (Mike) Spann, a CIA officer who died in Afghanistan on November 25, 2001. Mike Spann left behind his wife Shannon and three young children. To honor Mike Spann’s devotion to his country and that of the 78 officers who died in the line of duty before him, a group of former CIA officers led by the late Richard Helms, former Director of Central Intelligence, created the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation.

The Foundation was established in December 2001 to provide educational support to the children of CIA officers killed in the line of duty. In May 2006, the Foundation’s Board of Directors voted to expand its mission to include providing educational support to the spouses of CIA officers killed in the line of duty, and the children and spouses of officers who die on active duty as a result of accident, illness or other causes. The Foundation will consider providing other types of support based on specific circumstances and the availability of funds.

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